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Have your fruit trees become unproductive or over grown?

What ever your pruning needs are, Sussex Fruit Trees can provide a pruning service, please contact me for advice or a quotation. All areas covered, Brighton, Hastings, Tunbridge Wells, Crowborough. Fully InsuredAssociate Member of the Arboricultural Association. All tools are disinfected before every job.

There are many reasons for pruning trees.

1. develop tree shape
2. to encourage fruit development
3. stimulate new growth
4. remove damaged and diseased wood
5. improve air circulation

Winter is the time to prune apple and pear trees when they are dormant.

Spring is the time to prune young plum, gage and cherry trees.

Summer is the time to prune established plum, gage and cherry trees. It is also the time when trained shape trees are pruned. However, summer pruning of apple and pears can be done to slow their vigour.