Grown in the heart of East Sussex

New Trees for 2015

Little Pax

Originally found at St Cecilia’s Abbey, Isle of White

Bee friendly blossom – produces stunning spring blossom in delicate shades of pink, with a beautiful orhid-like shape, a good pollinator

Delicious fruit – a late eating apple ready in October and stores well. Red pink apples with rose flecks and soft autumn yellow coulours. The fruit is firm and crunchy with juicy flesh. A rich aromatic flavour with a sweet essence similar to honeydew melon.

Sussex Fruit Trees has this available on a semi dwarf rootstock.

Tickled Pink

This apple tree has the ornamental features of red flowers and leaves in the spring.

If eaten in October it has a crisp texture, sweet flavour.

However, it has deep clear juice and other excellent cooking properties, for instance, coloured dried apple chips, red sliced apple for salads and tarts and pink stewed apple.

A fantastic dual variety of apple tree.

Sussex Fruit Trees has this available as an espalier.