Grown in the heart of East Sussex

Heritage Cultivars

Also see Sussex Cultivars

Annie Elizabeth – cooking
Available as bush semi vigorous rootstock
Large fruit with orange red flush over green skin, sweet taste
Best for stewing & baking, keeps shape when cooked, beautiful blossom
Hardy, disease resistant
Pick in October, store until April, flower group 5, part self fertile

Ashmead’s Kernel
Pale green fruit with aromatic strong, sweet-sharp intense acid drop flavour, firm flesh
Beautiful blossom, used in cider
Good disease resistance
Pick in October, store until February, flower group 4, cannot pollinate others

Charles Ross – dual
Available as Bush semi dwarf and semi vigorous rootstock
Orange red flush over green, crisp juicy and sweet
Good for chalk soil and coastal areas, frost resistant blossom
Pick in September, store until December, flower group 3, part self fertile

Court Pendu Plat
Currently out of stock
A very old eating apple variety, believed to go back to the time of the Romans
Yellow with red broken stripes, firm texture with juicy sweet flavour
Attractive blossom and some disease resistance
Pick in late October, store until January
Flower group 7 (Sussex Fruit Trees only has Crawley Beauty as a pollinator, see Sussex Cultivars)

Grenadier – cooking
Available as Bush form semi vigorous rootstock
Large fruit cooks to a puree
Pick in August, does not store, flower group 3, good pollinator

Laxton’s Superb
Available as Bush semi vigorous rootstock
Available as Espalier
Old fashion eating apple, purple flush with red stripes, sweet and aromatic
Pick in October, flower group 4