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Orchard Design & Maintenance

Sussex Fruit Trees can help you design, plan, plant and maintain your own orchard. Sussex Fruit Trees can also provide quotations for installation of wire systems for trained fruit trees. Fully Insured.

Sussex Fruit Trees Orchard at Hook Farm

Sussex Fruit Trees Orchard at Hook Farm

You may have several acres and would like to plant lots of trees, this is no problem, contact me for a site visit to discuss your needs.

Conversely you may only have a small area in which to plant trees, however, you could plant cordons (see Shapes and Forms section of web site) or plant using dwarf rootstocks may enable you to fit in a few more varieties.

If you think you would like an orchard please contact me for advice.

Recent jobs have included restorative pruning, re-staking whole orchard and spring time fertiliser application.