Grown in the heart of East Sussex

Step Overs for Sandhill Farm House, February 2015

New Step Overs for Rosemary Alexander, Sandhill Farm House, Hampshire

Having supplied Rosemary a range of fruit trees towards the end of last year, Rosemary decided she would like to create a small boundary around her kitchen garden using fruit trees. Sussex Fruit Trees has supplied four apples and four pears on dwarf rootstocks for these step overs. Garden Designer Simon Hewitt, famed for River Cafe (London), (See Contacts Page) is designing a metal framework to support the trees.

Sandhill Farm House Garden has been designed By Rosemary Alexander, the founder of The English Gardening School, London. (See Contacts Page) The beautiful old house is surround by a variety of different garden rooms, each with it’s own identity and planting. Well worth a visit if you are in the area.

Sandhill Farm House is open under the National Garden Schemes for charity.

Open Saturday 11th & Sunday 12th April 2015
Open Saturday 20th & Sunday 21st June 2015