Grown in the heart of East Sussex


I have completed many plantings, each client requires something different, and I aim to achieve their wishes. Below I have displayed a few of these plantings to give you an idea of what is possible.


Quince in garden   Fruit tree used as an ornamental specimen in a formal garden.

Orchard 3
These two adjoining clients wanted seven fruit trees each, their own small orchards, both using different varieties of fruit so they can swap.  In time the trees will act as screen, giving both gardens some privacy, yet a fantastic supply of fruit and beautiful display of blossom.




Fence Before Work This client had 30m of fence panels, I planted a variety of trained trees.Fence Fans


4.  Trained fruit trees are a great way of getting a high yield of fruit without taking up much space in the garden.

Fence Espaliers

Two apple espaliers, using a 3m fence panel each

Cordons 2

Planting cordons close together enables you to have more variety of fruit

Wall Fan Cherry

Fan trained cherry on an old Victorian wall

Wall Fan Apple

An apple fan against a modern wall








5. I have planted larger orchards.  Some are mixed fruit orchards, whilst some are for juice or cider and others are for heritage and wildlife value.

Orchard 4

Mixed fruit, including mulberry, gage and peaches

Orchard 1

18 varieties of apple for juice making

Bee 5

Heritage Sussex apple cultivars, eg Hawkridge, Saltcote Pippin, Crawley Beauty


6. Protection is important, from rabbits, livestock and weeds.  I have even put fencing around a whole orchard. Staking prevents wind rock and enables the roots to establish in the soil.


Half standards (tall trunks) fitted with deer guards


Woodchip mulch surrounding tree to prevent water loss


Fabric layer to prevent weeds, bio-degradable materials are available