Grown in the heart of East Sussex

Hazel & Cob Nuts

Hazel are great trees, not too large as you can coppice them every couple of years. The trees have catkins which are a great source of pollen in the winter and early spring. They give you a crop of nuts and the timber can be used for making a range of products like poles for growing beans. They can be grown like a clear trunk with branches or let them turn in to a clump forming multi stemmed tree. They can grow in partial shade. They can be under planted like a woodland or used in an ornamental garden. The Red Filbert even as purple leaves if you want to break up the green appearance of your trees and shrubs.
Available as bush £30
Slightly larger than cobnut
Good pollinator


Clusters of hazel nuts

Available as bush £30
Reliable and heavy crop
Good texture and strong nutty flavour

Kentish Cob
Available as bush £30
Excellent texture and flavour, compact habit


Catkins in the winter

Red Filbert
Available as tree £30
Fantastic claret catkins, purple foliage and purple skinned nuts