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Ornamental Trees

For Crab Apple ‘Malus’ as pollinators and crab apple jelly see apple varieties.
Prunus are flowering cherry trees, famed for the beautiful blossom and autumn leaf colours, not for edible cherries.
Many other cultivars available to order to suit your specific situation, Acer, Betula (Birch), Cornus, Liquidamber, Sorbus (Mountain Ash), native hedging and windbreaks.

Available £70
Heavy laiden branches of golden fruits, ideal for crab apple jelly

Malus ‘Candymint’
Available £70
A graceful tree with horizontal branches with purple green leaves turning yellow in the autumn
Pink and light pink flowers edged with purple tones
Small dark purple fruit

Malus ‘Marbles’
Available £70
Single white flowers in spring
Large glossy red fruits in autumn
Pink Glow
Available £70
Small tree, white blossom, bright pink fruit
Early season fruit for crab apple jelly

Red Sentinel
Available £70
Available as Fan £100 (see shapes & forms in trees explained)
White scented blossom
Large clusters of deep red fruits which remain in to January.

Malus ‘Royal Beauty’
Available £70
A small steeply weeping tree
Copper coloured leaves when young turning dark green
Deep pink flowers and small dark red fruits

Malus ‘Rudolph’
Available £70
Large pink flowers
Purple green leaves
Small dark purple fruits which are long lasting

Malus transitoria
Available £70
Slender small tree with delicate incised leaves, great autumn colour
White star shaped flowers
Fruits are abundant small and yellow

Prunus ‘Kanzan’
Available £75
Medium sized tree
Densely-doubled purplish-pink blossom in late April
Coppery spring leaves turn green then orange and red in autumn

Prunus ‘Kursar’
Available £75
Beautiful small tree with lots of deep pink single flowers in March
Rich autumn colours of red and gold

Prunus ‘Royal Burgundy’
Available £75
Rich burgundy leaves turn scarlet in autumn
Deep rose pink double flowers

There are many other Prunus cultivars to suit many situations. These can be sourced for individual needs.