Grown in the heart of East Sussex

Crab Apple

These are great garden trees for all year round interest.
They are ideal for making crab apple jelly or leaving on the tree for the wildlife.
They also make good pollinators for other apple trees, as they are in blossom for a long period of time.

Available as bush form £70
Heavy laden branches of butter coloured fruit

Available as a Bush form £70
Small tree, scented blossom, with small fruits lasting to November
Tangy crab apple jelly

Malus Gorgeous

Crab Apple Gorgeous

Pink Glow
Available £70
Small tree, white blossom, bright pink fruit
Early season fruit for making crab apple jelly

Red Sentinel
Available as bush £70, dwarf available
White scented blossom
Large clusters of deep red fruits which remain in to January.