Grown in the heart of East Sussex

Cider Collection

Making cider is great fun.  You can use many apples and make your own combination to suit  your own tastes.  Many ciders are made from combinations of sweets, bittersweets, sharps and bittersharps. I stock some varieties but I can also order in more specific cultivars if you wish.  See cooking varieties as these can be added as sharps.

Available as bush tree on semi vigorous rootstock
Bittersweet, can be used on its own to make vintage cider, provide tannins for rounded flavour
Flower group 5, Self fertile

Harry Masters Jersey

Known as the ‘Pot Wine’

Full bitter-sweet taste, soft astringency. Sharp, bring acidity to the cider
Flowering group 5, pollinated by Dabinett

Others available in stock and can be ordered in.