Grown in the heart of East Sussex


Sussex Fruit Trees has a wide range of apple trees in stock on various rootstocks to suit many situations.  Please select tabs to choose cooking, eating, dual (eat & cooking), heritage and Sussex cultivars.  I am collecting the Sussex cultivars and more will become available over time.

Apples give such diversity, you can choose early season varieties, ready to eat in August, or ones that keep through in to the new year.  Some are self fertile and you are able to have one tree and still get fruit.

They are versatile in their shapes, enabling you to create hedges or screens.  You could use them to be a focal point in your garden or to divide the garden.  You could use them to attract wildlife in to your garden or use them to be high yielding crop for your household.

Apple bush trees containerised £60

Very dwarf apple bush trees £62

Half standards containerised £75

Step overs £62 & Cordons £62

Espalier & Fan trained £100

Stock levels are constantly changing, please check availability.